About Me

Hi, I'm Lynette!

Welcome to my little blog!  Here are 7 Quick Takes about me:

1. I'm originally from Michigan and root for MSU even though no one in my family attended school there.

2. However, I did go to college in Michigan, at an awesome school called Hillsdale.

when the only place open after 10pm is Wal Mart in the next town over... 
many weekends are spent eating junk food and watching movies from the $5 bin.

3. After Hillsdale I went to grad school at another fantastic university in Texas because it wasn't "too far from home"

4. Then, because I hadn't seen enough of the country, I drove to Washington, DC, to live and work.

5. While living in DC, I discovered the joy that is Virginia Wine Country

6. I also met my husband through a little-known-website called CatholicMatch.

7. Now he's about to graduate from med school and whisk me off to New York, where I'll get to explore yet another state in this great country!

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