Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bureaucracy Blues

We woke up this morning ready to tackle all of the paperwork required for our new apartment.  It's exciting but a little stressful. Plus, our apartment is still a mess, which I'll need to tackle SOON since all of our family will descend this weekend.  It will be a fun but crazy week!

Any introverts out there?  My biggest wish for today is that Kamil would leave for a few hours so I can clean in peace.  I suppose I should be grateful that my husband can't go too long without kissing me, but I'm too stressed about the move!

The debate now?  Budget or U-haul?  U-haul is a little more expensive, and they aren't as close as Budget.  Kamil had the brilliant idea that we caravan a car + the moving truck when we move in June, and leave a car here for when we come back for the last weddings before I leave.  Too. Much. Coordination.  But I'm so grateful for his perspective!

It's supposed to hit 91-degrees today, so I'm reminded once again why I'm glad to move a little farther north.  Seriously, it's May.  And when you're raised in a state that doesn't really *do* spring, this heat this soon is a bit ridiculous.  I'm preparing my first homemade iced coffee of the season...

I want to end with a photo, since photos are fun.  We get to see our niece this weekend, and next month we celebrate her first birthday!  So, here's a photo from last summer when she was first born:

love you Hannah!



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