Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On the Long Island

Had to get a quick post in now that I have a chance to sit back and breathe for a minute in the midst of this move.  We're about to have our "obiad" with the family, as Kamil and I have been camping out at his parents' until we get a bed of our own.  Which was purchased today!  So, progress! :)

It's weird to think that we are actually here to live, rather than just on another visit to see his parents. And, of course, to see Puszek, their dog (pronounced "poo-shek", the name literally means tiny speck of dust in Polska).

Isn't he cute?

Kamil's parents were gracious enough to come down and help move our stuff into the U-Haul, and then they even drove the truck back up to New York! 

Hi Mama! Hi Tata!

I'm still reeling by how. much. stuff. we have, and I'm creating a new Goodwill pile as I unpack and try to find room for it all in our new place.  More pictures will come once things are more put away.

So each day we've been back and forth from Chez Stefanowski to Chez Stefanowski (haha).  We've been trying out different routes to see which is fastest.  Unfortunately there's no quick interstate to take, but I've enjoyed seeing the different little businesses along the way.  Also, SO many Dunkin Donuts!  I don't know how I'll resist the temptation to stop by one every day, especially as I go through coffee withdrawal, as Poles don't properly enjoy their java.  Adding more water to coffee left sitting in the pot for two hours does not a happy Lynettka make. :P

Here's the outside of our apartment building.  I love love love our little stairway (although I've already tripped over my feet running upstairs, lol) and I can't wait to hang paintings along the wall.  So, things are coming along!

Tomorrow morning we head to Pennsylvania to see our niece on her birthday, so more driving.  But it'll be a nice change from unpacking.

More later when we're back in New York!



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