Monday, June 22, 2015


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I'm typing and posting this from our new home! We has interwebs!! much faster than Comcast down in Arlington, PLUS I don't need to have the ethernet cable plugged in :P

Whew, so we are definitely settling into the new place.  Kamil was sweet enough to put up with my design tastes and hung up pictures on the walls (my stud found studs, hehe) so we're feeling a LOT more at home.  Still haven't spent the night, as we are sans bed, but it's getting there!  I'm tempted to pull out the bed-couch just so we can call this home, but not sure we want to do that yet.  But hopefully we can sleep on a bed soon!  We are planning an Ikea trip for tomorrow to buy a frame, and I'm praying that the king size bed will fit in our bedroom, since you never know for sure...

Here are some photos of the progress:

 On a side note, does anyone have any suggestions for transferring iPhone photos to my computer more efficiently? I'm thinking I may have to get to know the "cloud" better because right now I have to email the photos to myself, then download them, then upload them to Blogger, then post.  Thoughts?

Saturday I got to know one of the maintenance guys here, as the a/c wasn't working properly:

That white stuff is ICE, man. So we had to have it defrosted, and they should be back today to finish it up.  And hopefully we can entertain some friends soon!  But first we gotta make some... ;)

We got to see my family last week for Hannah's birthday, so here are some baby photos for your enjoyment as well:

 the birthday girl all tuckered out

I leave on Wednesday (Kamil's first day of orientation) to go back to DC for some more weddings, and then it'll be back to New York for good!

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