Thursday, June 4, 2015

Georgia on my mind

Song titles/lyrics are always my go-to for titles, even back in college for term papers.  It's amazing the words that stick with you over the years.  Last week when Kamil and I were driving to Pittsburgh we decided to actually use the "free" 6-month trial of XM radio and listened to the 90s on 9 station and I impressed him with the songs I still have memorized after all this time...

Anyway.  Tomorrow morning we leave for Georgia for the 1st wedding of the month.  I hope the drive doesn't wear on us too too much!  I'm excited to see the city and do some exploring, since the wedding isn't until Saturday evening.  Spanish moss, here we come! ;)

This week has been pretty relaxing as we got some things taken care of for the move.  I've packed a few boxes, but there are many many more to go.  We also got a couples' massage which was a nice treat on Monday.  The weather here has been very bleah so it's been a good week for getting things done.  Although, I can't complain about the weather too much because it's cooled everything down which is MUCH appreciated.  Unfortunately, it's looking like the weather will be similar in Georgia this weekend, with rain and high temperatures all three days :P  At least there will be Chick Fil A's nearby!  I'm hoping to get my fill in before we move to the north where they are no more :(

Deidre came over last night with wine, which was a great break from the packing.  She and I are going to get together again next week, but it's feeling like all of my encounters with folks are part of one. long. good-bye.  Sunday was the choir's farewell and I bawled my way through that.  Then Tuesday we had dinner with Dan and Shannon and they gave us little gifts for going away.  And when I was organizing some things and going through the many (MANY!) mementos I've accumulated over the last five years, it was a little crazy realizing how much has happened in my life out here.  I found concert tickets from a show I saw before I had met Kamil and that was kind of surreal.  For all of my complaining, it's been a life-changing ride out here, and of course not all of it has been bad (although those DC drivers tried their best...). 

at the Angel Oak near Charleston, SC, during a pre-Kamil trip ;)

So yes, I will miss life out here and most especially the friendships I've cultivated over the years.  My greatest fear in the move will be finding friends on Long Island (prayer request!), since DC is such a great place for meeting young adults at a similar stage in life and finding affordable things to do and see.  Sigh, I'd best get to wrapping this post up before I get too weepy. 

Anyway, now to pack some more boxes and our suitcase for tomorrow's travels!  The Stefanowski tour continues!



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